Banking services from home!

You want to know the balance in account? Want to transfer amount to other account? It is possible with the normal phone you have. There is no need of internet.

A service *99# is introduced to give chance to get the bank services 24 hours.

What is this?

UNSD (unstructured supplementary service data) based service *99# by National payments corporation of India. Account holders can dial this number from registered mobile number and get 7types of financial and non-financial services. This service is available to all GSM mobile users. CDMA users can’t use this service.


No need of internet to your phone.

No extra charges while roaming.

Service is accessible through all normal and smart phones

Regardless of bank timings this service is available for 24hrs and 365days.

No need to download any APPs.


Amount transfer- with the help of MMD (the 7digit code available for mobile banking account holders) they can transfer up to Rs.5000. you can also transfer up to Rs.5000 through account number of beneficiary from your account.

Savings amount: you can know the total amount available in your account.

Mini statement: latest 5 transaction details can be received to your mobile.

MMD details: you can know MMD at the time of registering for mobile banking.

Change of M pin: you can change new M pin with the last 4digits of your M pin account number.

OTP: you can generate one time password at the time of online payments through M pin account number.

How to use it?

Account holders when dial *99# from their registered account number they’ll get a message.

You have to choose option from the message you got in your mobile and give reply to know your account related information.

Is there any charges?

Along with 27 govt. banks, 14 private banks and 10 cooperative banks are giving this facility. Almost all mobile network companies are giving this services.

Banks are not charging any fee for this services. Telecom companies are charging maximum Rs.1.50 for every SMS.

If you are transferring through IFSC then the account holder need not be a mobile banking costumer.

There is no chance of cancelling transaction after it has been processed.

If you have all details like mobile number, IMD account number, IFSC, M pin then you’ll able to get instant services.

You can also get these services in your own language. To get services in Telugu dial*99*24#.

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