Be careful with life insurance claim rejects!

Be careful with life insurance claim rejects

It is happy if life journey is without any obstructions. If anything happens in this journey? The family will get effected. Who will take care of their safety? How can they satisfy their financial needs? if you applied for insurance claim at the time of above situation. If company says that they are rejecting your claim. It becomes a big issue. It’s in our hands not to give rejecting chance to insurance companies. Let’s know what to do in this situation…

Fill the application on your own,

This gives the chance to read each and every thing in application. It will give perfection in filling application. If you just sign and gave it to the agent then they will fill the form. They may not know all your details so there is a chance of entering wrong details. That’s why fill it yourself.

In the matter of job,

Some jobs will give safety to life. Some jobs are based on risks. For example there is a difference between bank employee and card driver.

Details of health,

Don’t hide if you have any personal diseases. These are very important in policy. Give details of unhealthy details before you have any. Give total details of parent’s health. Don’t hide any information. If they feel that there is risk in your details then insurance company will decide high amount as premium. Or it can reject to give the policy. And don’t hide personal habits.

Do the medical tests,

After verifying all the details in policy they grant the insurance policy. The people who take policy for higher amount they ask to do the medical tests. Don’t ignore them. If they don’t ask then also you can do the checkups.


It is necessary to mention nominee details in policy. It’s important to change the details according to time. If the nominee is dead then you can register other person as nominee.

Don’t do late for claim,

If the person died suddenly then give information to insurance company. With that claim procedure starts. If you are late in giving information the scrutiny will get delayed.

What are the companies saying?

The reasons for rejection are wrong information regarding health, not mentioning present health condition and diseases which is told by HDFC life insurance vice president Sanjay Thiwary. Claim will be rejected if they don’t mention heart diseases and any other diseases. 95% rejects are due to wrong information and hiding some information only. It is important to do the medical test at the time taking policy along with correct details. Personal and family related history also should be mentioned. They can’t get all details through medical tests. So, if you give the correct details then there is no chance of rejection of claims.

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