Do you have vehicle insurance?

Do you have vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance policy will be given when buying a new vehicle. After one year nobody shows interest to renew it. According to new motor vehicle act if you drive vehicle without insurance high amount will get as fine and may chance of jail. To avoid this what are the ways to get renewal of vehicle insurance policy? What to do if policy get cancelled?

Its owner’s head ache weather to take insurance for any property. But to drive vehicles on road there should be vehicle license. To fill the loss due to accident is the aim of this insurance policy. If you want to get amount to damage of vehicle at the time of accidents then you should have complete insurance policy. If you need insurance for other people who are in vehicle then it is third party policy. As per motor vehicle act there should be a third party insurance. the main purpose is to give the support to the person when accident due to vehicle.

Fine and jail,

Central government is taking strict actions on the persons who is violating the rules. The main in this is motor vehicle act 2016. According to this act who violated the rules will get high amounts as fine and jail punishment.

If policy got rejected?

You should renewal insurance in time. If it is one day late then your policy get rejected. Then you need to apply for new policy. To avoid all this it is better to pay premium within the last date. If you pay premium after 90days of actual policy period then you’ll not get no claim bonus. This is also loss to us.

If you buy an old vehicle: then check whether it has active insurance policy? For how much? If it doesn’t have then apply for insurance with RC.


There is complete one year insurance available for new vehicle. After that it is owner’s responsibility to get renewal. There are many ways to renew the insurance within deadline.

Online: we can check the insurance policies given by different agencies online and get renewal.

Insurance broker/agent: you do it through insurance agent/broker.

Through banks: many banks have agreements with insurance companies. So, you can de renewal in banks.

Mobile applications: it is to do renewal by mobile apps.

For every two years,

Some insurance agencies are giving chance for long time insurance policies. We can avoid renewal of every year by taking insurance for 2-3years of period.

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