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We have to bare lot of expenses if we join hospital due to illness or accidents. In this situations to overcome financial problems we have to take health insurance policy. Before that you have to ensure that the policy is well suitable and doesn’t give any struggle when you are claiming it. If you did well in choosing a right policy it will surely help you when you have needed.

We’ll go for a insurance policy to get saved when we are in the critical situations. If we get the trouble in claiming at the time of treatment it leads to an irritation. But we have to notice that insurance companies will reject or delay the claim with a valid reason only. The main reasons are faults in our details or not submitting certain documents.

In that policy application…

Most of the people won’t follow and understand whole document. As a result they give insufficient details. This is lack of awareness and over confidence. This is the reason why claim is getting rejected or delayed. for example Latha had hided her diabetes when they are applying for insurance. After five years she got effected due to diabetes. They applied for insurance claim and insurance company rejected their claim because they haven’t mentioned that latha has diabetes when they are applying for insurance.

To overcome this kind of situations person who is applying for insurance should mention all his health related details and also his food habits, life style, habits like smoking and drinking.

If the document is filled by an agent you must check all the details before sign on it. Most probably prefer your own presence on filling the document.

Do not prefer false bills…

Some people think to get extra benefits by creating extra bills. This also leads to rejection of claims or sometimes policy will get cancelled.

Understand the rules…

If you are applied for a policy on your own or you are in a group policy there is a need of understanding some rules.

Some policies will give some restrictions on benefits like room rent, special treatment they only give little percentage from the whole policy. So, before taking the policy you have to clarify this things. Insurance will not be given for Some amount when you are admitting in hospital and some expenses which are not related to treatments. But, you can try to claim by adding extra policies to your premium.

Waiting time: The diseases which we are facing before taking the policy it applies after particular duration. This will be up to 4 years. For example they give insurance for eye related surgeries and hernia after 1 or 2 years. So that choose a policy which is having less waiting time.

Daily treatments: insurance policy will be applied for the person who stays 24 hrs in hospital only. But, sometimes it is not needed to stay for 24 hrs for some diseases. For these kind of situations we have to check the conditions before are applying for insurance.

Suitable documents…

When we are going for a free treatment 30 percent of claim will be rejected due to insufficient details or documents only. Person who is claiming insurance may pay the bills on his own and he can claim that amount by submitting the bills. He has to show the original documents of the bills only Xerox will not be accepted by insurance companies.

Give preference to…

When we are taking insurance policy we have to check for how much amount we are taking the policy? How much premium we have to pay? Is insurance company itself supervising the claiming process? Or it has given to some other mediator if it is insurance company there is a chance of getting fast payment.

The policy opted by us should help in our time of struggle but, it should not give any trouble. So do check the policy is well suitable for you and genuine.

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