Go to other countries with less effort!

It’s a dream of many to study abroad. To fulfil this they do arrange all the requirements. At this time there will be a small doubt. There will be so many changes in that new country like different habits, new friends etc. They do all arrangements like buying tickets, fee payments but, they have some doubts about taking travel insurance. Then what are the things to do…

Abroad universities made health insurance compulsory for the students coming from other countries. It will be continued up to their finishing of education. Most to the university won’t allow the students with out this policy. They say that it is necessary for some issues to take the policy. You can apply for this at his own country or may apply at the host country. But, it is better to take complete policy to avoid future struggles.

Is our policy valid in other countries?

So many think that they can apply the policy there itself because their education in further there itself. This is not a right one. The policy which ever taken in India is valid worldwide. And we can also save 3 times of money that we pay in foreign country for the policy. Premium will be paid in our currency and you’ll get the benefits in their currency only. But, we have to make sure one thing that is there any rule and regulations by the university regarding the insurance.

Can we avail health treatment without any payments?

There is a doubt whether we get free treatment in foreign hospitals when we took the policy in our country. No need to bother about this you can show the insurance cards and get the treatment. The insurance companies in our country are having agreements with the foreign organizations and hospitals so there is no need of tension about treatment anywhere outside India.

Troubles in clarifying the claim?

Clearing the claim is same in other countries same as that of our country. You can submit your card for these purposes. If you are already bared the treatment expenses then also you can claim the insurance of those expenses. They do check all the documents before you claim for insurance.

Insurance is only for travelling?

There is a rumor that travel insurance is nothing but it is applied only at the time of travelling. But, not only at the time of travel but it helps you throughout the period you stay in that country. The policy will be come into the action by the time you enter the airport. In case of health policies from university you will only get health related expenses. But the policy from our country will help you in all needs.

Not only for health treatments you also can get benefits for luggage, missing passport issues. If you are unable to finish a semester due to the health problems that semester fee will be paid through the insurance policy. If students are facing serious health problems they are also arranging amount to the parents to visit the students.

There are no problems to renewal your policy. You can do it online and also you can save your time.

Make sure that you have any doubts about the insurance policies before you travel by consulting insurance agencies. And fulfill your dreams without any tension.

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