Buying Gold…

Gold Buying

we can make ornament, wear for pride, get profited through investing, or can get loans for an urgent need.  We  are talking about gold..There are lot of ways to buy gold …let go through it…

Ornaments, gold coins, gold etf, gold mutual funds, central government government scheme… we have lot of ways to buy gold in product or electronic ways…


Lot of people buy gold only for ornament.. People feel great wearing gold ornaments. And also people buy their ornament as to savings.. If you are buying gold for saving its a loss due to the extra charges on making and waste. So for savings we had an option of electronic gold. So we dont need to worry about safety too…People who buy ornament should take care of hall mark guaranty.  All the branded ornaments are hall mark these days..

Gold coins..

Lot of people buy gold only for their satisfaction. For them buying coins is better to buying ornaments.  We can make ornaments with coins later and whenever we want.we can sell for profits later..  there will be no extra charges as of on ornaments.. But we must have more money to buy coins.

Coins are available from gram to 10 grams. banks only sell coins but they dont buy it back. There are few companies which buy and sell gold coins. Its better to buy there. We can also buy  gold coins through e commerce portals of few banks like icici  websites.


 ETF is gold exchange traded fund.we need to have demat account for this. THOSE who have d mat account can buy gold etf stock market .we need to pay extra as brokerage charges, gemat, fund charges. D mate charges are between 0.25% to 0.50%, and fund charges are between 0.50% to 1%.

ETF s are completely safe. We can also but it  on small quantities. whenever we want money, we can sell etf on stock market working  days.


 Those who dont have d mat account can invest on gold through mutual funds. In etf we can invest min of 3000 as per an unit of gold.. in mutual funds we can invest 500 too monthly.we can sell it on mins through online.  we have to pay etf charges and fund charges here too.


lot of people buy gold as product only as savings. Due to this gold imports are increasing which results to increase in inflation rate. So government introduced gold bond scheme. Gold will be in terms of  bonds. we can invest on this bond as of stocks.

 Bonds categories are 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams. Rates of the bonds will be according to the market rate of gold on the date. GOVERNMENT gives us interest on this till the time period of the scheme. Present interest rate on this is as 2.75 %. Interest will be paid to us once in 6 months. At last  we will be paid back completely based on the days gold market rate.

Time period for this scheme is 8 years. These are listed in stock market, so we can buy sell any time on stock market working days. We can get loans on this bonds too. Only way to loss is, if the rate of gold fall  as of the we bought the bond.


Gold futures is one more option for investing and business. We can buy gold on a lot and pay limited % of the value as margin money. For ex If a lot is  100 gms gold. AS of 3000 rs/gram total value of lot is 300000. we can pay 15000 as margin money as of 5 % in total value of lot…  this market is useful for those who want to trade in gold..


NSEL is national spot exchange limited. We can buy gold in nsel and store it in d mat too. we can sell it whenever we want.we can also get gold delivered .

GOLD AND SILVER ONLINE…………. is website which provide gold and silver online. This is a private company. so we cant get any support from government. We can buy gold starting from one grm. We should pay charges of 1.6 % to 7.4 % [ according the quantity] to get gold delivered.


People think that profits are high in gold investments. But it is not. Based on all the survey, gold investment incomes are under 10 %. Remove the inflation rate the net profit is 1-2 %


There are 5 banks in london which decide gold rates each day since 1919. The banks are Barclays, dutch bank, bank of nova scatiya, hsbc holdings, societ general bank. gold rate are published twice a day. Green which mean time 10:30 hours[india – 4:00 am], 15:00 hours [india -9:00 pm]. London is center for huge gold transactions.currency rates, gold imports, interest rates influence gold rates..

Indian gold rates follow american market. in america gold is measured in troy ounces. one troy ounce is 31.10 grams.

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