Safer Online Transactions…

Safer Online Transactions

Usage of credit, debit cards and internet banking is very much these days.  Crime in this field have also increased. How to use this facilities safely??Solution to this is virtual credit card. Lets get it…

We have to enter all the card details online before making a transaction. In this process some cyber criminals may trace our card details and use it. To get protected from this use virtual credit card. By using this we are asked only to enter the card no. all the remaining  details need not to be entered. Some banks provide virtual debit cards too.

How to apply..

First get logged into  the banks website. Go to the link of virtual credit card in the website. Enter the amount you need on the card. You will receive an otp to the registered mobile no. Enter the otp to apply.banks take 1-2 working day to approve it. Details of the card will be sent to the customers mobile.


This helps us from card cloning type of crimes.. We should be careful with the card no. With this we can also control our expenses.

Banks doesnt apply any fee on  this service. This facility is available only for the credit card holders. Bill of virtual credit card should be paid along with credit card bill. We can cancel this virtual card any time. We can use this on international websites too. This service is only for online transactions.


The banks allowing this virtual cards are, andhra bank, state bank of india, central bank of india, icici, idbi bank, hdfc bank, kotak mahindra bank, axis bank, yes bank, dbs bank, some m commerce sites..

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