Safety of cards!!

The days have gone of hiding money in the pockets. Present transactions are done with credit and debit cards. Cheatings increasing along with the technology. How to do our transaction safer by escaping this crimes? What are the precautions to take?

The number of people are increased who using credit, debit cards. Compared records December 2014 – December 2015 the use of debit cards increased by 22.78% and credit cards by 23.65%. At the same time there were 18123 complaints registered in banking ombudsmen offices. The complaints are more about card cloning, card skimming, and theft of password and SIM cards.

Cheating in the name of bank employee…

Number of cheatings are by making us to believe that they are bank employees. They say some primary things regarding your cards and ask for remaining details. Sometimes they theft number and CVV of cards while swiping. Later they call to you and tell those details and ask for OTP and email and other details.

Other is skimming or cloning of credit card. They create fake cards with your original card details.

To reduce this crimes banks are always updating some arrangements. They are giving chip cards in place of magnetic strip. This cards will restrict cheating because they work with PIN.

Account holders also should remember some precautions. Don’t reveal PIN, password to anyone. Don’t feed them in mobile phones. It’s better to remember. Don’t believe fraud SMS, calls and emails.

Know in detail about the rules and conditions of banks…

When you lost your card or you suspect your card details were revealed then give information to bank.

Banking Codes and Standard Board of India (BCSBI) designed some rule for banks to give safe service to customers.

Credit and debit cards should be given to the account holder only. The person whoever have the account has to take that card.

Send every detail of transaction to email, SMS. If costumer won’t get the information then he should consult the bank.

If the online account attempted for three times (with wrong password) then the information should send to phone and email.

When costumer give complaint that he lost card then block that card immediately to preserve using by others.

Two-step safety verification should be available for all financial transactions.

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