Special insurance for women!

Indians are always concern about their savings. They believe that saved amount will save them from critical incidents. But this belief is changing by the time along with savings they also want some deposits which give the benefits. Now a days women sharing family’s responsibility. Even though they have doubts in taking insurance policies.

Though both wife and husband doing the job mostly the insurance policies are applied by men only. As per the survey of insurance agencies only 20-30% of women only having the insurance. For the women who is leading a business, house wife, or else other women should need policies. For that there is a need of awareness.

At the time of accidents..

Either they are in home or in travel accidents are always been a trouble. We can’t expect it. So that every woman needs a policy. If she has it there is no need of dependence at the time of struggle. They get insurance at the time of accidents and if the intensity of accident is more, then total policy will be paid.

For the expenses of health treatment..

Due to increase in amount of health treatments health insurance is must. The women who is alone should have this. It helps for normal treatments. In addition to this you can apply for maternity benefit policy. There is some waiting time for this kind of policies. For the maternity benefit policy they bare the expenses for delivery. For some policies they give insurance to new born baby.

Sevier health diseases…

Some diseases are particularly belong to the ladies only. Like breast, survical cancer. The treatment for this diseases is very expensive. To overcome this there is a policy like critical illness policy. This will pay total amount when the disease has diagnosed. You can have a better treatment with this amount. Remaining amount can be useful other purposes.

Vehicle insurance..

It’s not a big issue woman driving a vehicle now a days. Here the insurance of vehicles which are using by women should have some extra benefits like transport facility in critical situations, roadside assistance. Insurance company will do all the favor when women driving the vehicle.

Along with this house insurance also needed. Travel insurance is necessary for those who travel frequently. This is useful when we lost the luggage in travel and health related issues.

Compared to men women policies are having special benefits. When you are applying for policies you have to know about this special benefits. You have to check whether you have all the expected benefits in your policy or not.

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