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Due to change in life style, food habits and with some other reasons there are increasing in patients with different diseases. At the other side expenses on health also increasing. In this situations we have to go for health insurance policies. So that we can survive without financial problems. Once at the time of any accident or illness there is only one policy. This are not useful for some special cases. But now insurance companies are providing different policies for different kind of problems. Let’s see some of those….

Treatment for cancer…

Name of the policy: HDFC Cancer Care

Insurance company: HDFC Life Insurance

Why?: For Cancer Related Treatment

For who?: Healthy persons between 18 yrs to 65 yrs people are only eligible to take this policy

How much?: From 10 lakhs to up to 40 lakhs

Main points: This policy is available with silver, gold and platinum options. If the cancer is found in the early stage all premiums for future will be cancelled. If we choose platinum plan they pay particular amount for every month. If the cancer is recognized and person is alive for 7 days they are eligible for total insurance amount. We need not go for any health checkup when we are taking the insurance.

Waiting time: From the date of policy to 180 days there are no benefits will be provided.

Limitations: Early diseases and diseases by birth

Save Heart

Name of the policy: Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy

Insurance company: Star Health and Allied Insurance

Why?: For Heart related treatments

For who?: For the persons from 10 yrs to 65 yrs and before the date of policy with in four years who haveundergone PTCA(stenting), CABG (bypass).

Total policy: 3 lakhs or 4 lakhs

Main points: Treatment will be allowed after 90 days from the date of policy. Gold and silver plans are available. For gold plan all types of heart related treatments and surgeries will be allowed. In silver plan there are some limitations. The person who needs policy should under go for medical checkups.

Waiting time: 90 days for heart related treatments. For other diseases claim will be paid after 4 years only.


Name of the policy: Diabetes safe insurance policy

Insurance company: Star health and allied insurance

Why?: Diabetes related treatments

For who?: Those who already have diabetes and the age between 18 to 65.

Total policy: 3 lakhs, 4 lakhs, 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs

Main points: personally or can be claim for whole family. From the date of policy itself insurance for the treatment will be allowed. Preferred both type 1, type 2 diabetes. Policy can be claimed for with or without treatment. Remaining benefits are as per the usual insurance policies.

Waiting time: for other treatment for early stage diseases have to wait for 4 years

Limitations: the limitations for the diseases by birth will be applied.

High BP

Name of the policy: Energy

Insurance company: Apollo munich health insurance

Why?: For the treatment of diabetes and hyper tension

For Who?: for the persons who have type 2 diabetes, high BP or who are having any one of these can take this policy. Age should between 18 to 65.

Total policy: 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs, 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs

Main points: Personal policies are only available. Diabetes, high BP related treatments are available from the date of policy. Gold and silver options are available. Can choose with 20 percent sub payment or without sub payment. There are no restrictions for treatment when you join in hospital. They also bare the amount of before and after joining the hospital. They give safety instructions to the patient. They also offer discounts in premiums for those who have control in diabetes and high BP.

Waiting time: for other early stage diseases they give benefits after 3 years

Limitations: limitations will be applicable for the diseases by birth and as per ordinary insurance policy.


For the treatment of Dengue

Name of the policy: Dengue care plan

Insurance company: Apollo munich health insurance

Why?: for the treatment of dengue

For who?: from the age of 91 days to 65 years

Total policy: 50,000 to 1,00,000

Main points: Personal policies are only available. For those who joined with dengue and got treatment for 24 hrs will get benefit with this policy. If they are NS1 positive 10,000 insurance will be paid for the treatment in out patients block. No need to go for any medical checkups. The expenses before and after joining hospital also will be paid.

Waiting time: 15 days from the date of policy

Limitations: it is not applicable for any other type of diseases other than dengue.

Delivery related expenses

Name of the policy: JOY

Insurance company: Religear health insurance

Why?: delivery related treatments

For who?; those who are 18 yrs or above

Total policy: 3 lakhs, 5 lakhs

Main points: it is available for both individual and family. It is one time policy for three years. Applicable only after 9 months from the date of policy. Insurance will be allowed for the new born baby.

Waiting time: for delivery related treatments 9 months and for other early stage diseases 4 years.

Limitations: Limitations which applicable for an ordinary insurance policy

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