Tax Redemption!

Redemption of Tax

In mutual funds, process for tax saving is else. this is also  called tax saving mutual funds. There is new scheme introduced in this. It is sundharam long term micro cap tax advantage fund series 3. This is a close ended scheme..This should be continued for 10 years. Minimum deposit is 500. WE get tax redemption according to section 80c.


 FMP is fixed maturity plans.. this are mainly for those who are interested on long term deposits. Minimum deposit in this is 5000.

 * DSP black rock fmp series 199, 200. these are two schemes in this process. Time period in this scheme is 36 months.. Last date of mfo is September 22.

 * Icici also introduced schemes in the name, icici prudential fixed maturity plan series 79.Time period in this plan is 1408 days. Last date is september 20. FOR short term depositors the time period and last date are, 181 day and september 19 respectively.


AN equity mutual fund, ppfas long term value fund introduced by ppfas mutual fund. this have got a new name, parag fariq long term fund. this is applicable from September 16.

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