Vehicle insurance.. how to reduce the premium!

Vehicle insurance premium

Whatever the vehicle is insurance is must. To save ourselves in early accidents regarding money problems. Due to the increasing losses insurance companies have increased the value of premium. Due to that third party insurance premium has been increased. In this concern here are the ways to reduce burden of extra premium….

Use online,

At present most easiest way to buy most of the needs is online. It is very easy to compare and have too many options to select which is most suitable for us. So that the vehicle insurance also. If we take the insurance online there is chance of reducing premium besides we can save the time too. Companies also providing some benefits for those who applied for insurance online. Here we have the facility to compare various insurance companies benefits and can opt less premium policies.

If doesn’t get any reward,

In one year if you doesn’t get any benefit the insurance companies will give no claim bonus. The bonus will be 10 percent to 50 percent which is maximum. If you are selling an old car and purchasing a new car you can ask for a no claim bonus. Due to this there may be chances of premium to be getting reduced. Compared to insurance premium of old car new car’s is high. Then you’ll get more than 10 percent of discount.

Safety arrangements for your vehicle,

You may arrange some instruments for the safety of your vehicle. If you inform this to your insurance companies there are chances of getting discount on your premium. So try to arrange safety instruments to your vehicle. In addition to this if you are working with auto mobile related industries you’ll get special discount.

Check the value,

There is a Insured declared value(IDV) for every vehicle. If your vehicle is over damaged whatever the insurance company will be paid depend upon this IDV only. But, if the IDV is higher than usual there is a chance of increase in insurance premium. So there is no extra benefit for you. So make sure that you have suitable IDV when you are claiming policy.


There are some limitations in vehicle insurance policies. For example insurance will be claimed up to some particular amount only. We may except some small elements of our vehicle. With this we’ll get some extra bonus in premium. But, think before you are choosing a plan like this.

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